Access Synology DSM from the internet with a Reverse Proxy


For DSM 5 the paths are changed:

  • DSM 4: /usr/syno/etc/httpd-ssl-vhost.conf-user
  • DSM 5: /etc/httpd/sites-enabled-user/httpd-ssl-vhost.conf-user

I want to be able to access my Synology Disk Station Management (DSM) from the internet in a secure way through https.

DSM is standard running on the Synology in https mode on port 5001, so we need to setup a reverse proxy in apache:

Access the Synology with SSH using Putty, en type the following commands in the shell prompt to navigate to the right folder:

For DSM 4:

For DSM 5:

Then we need to edit the ssl host configuration file:

I want to access my DSM using this domain name:, like, so we need to add a new host section, append this section in the open file:

It’s obvious that you have to change with your real domain name.
Save the file and exit vi.

Don’t forget to set up your DNS to point to your external IP address, and to open port 443 in your router and direct the requests to this port to your Synology internal ip adres.

We need to restart Apache the load the changes we have done:

For DSM 4

For DSM 5

Now you will be able to access your Synology DSM from everywhere using https!

Author: Marco Mansi

Focus and dedication to everything that has to do with technology and, most of all, software development and architecture is what describes Marco. Marco is curious and interested in everything that is new and seeks to understand the more quickly the potential and the ability to implement these technologies in the real world. Marco loves open source and thinks that sharing knowledge is the key to make better things.

6 thoughts on “Access Synology DSM from the internet with a Reverse Proxy”

  1. the path to httpd-ssl-vhost.conf-user has been changed in DSM 5
    DSM 4: /usr/syno/etc/httpd-ssl-vhost.conf-user
    DSM 5: /etc/httpd/sites-enabled-user/httpd-ssl-vhost.conf-user

  2. Op één of ander manier krijg ik het niet voor elkaar. Virtualhost heb ik aangemaakt en apache herstart. 443 is geforward naar mijn interne IP adres. ik heb wel een ddns naam genaamd …

    Mis ik iets of doe ik iets verkeerd?

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