Install Windows with UEFI on Dell Latitude

Today i was trying to install Windows 8 Pro on my Dell Latitude E6510 laptop with UEFI enabled.

You can enable UEFI from the bios, (i first installed the most recent bios version) under boot section and then select UEFI. 

But with my disappointment i couldn’t boot from my USB key with the windows bootable installation on it.

I prepared the USB key with the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, a nice tool from Microsoft to make installation from USB possible from an ISO Windows installation image.

After a little bit research on the net i found here that the installation on UEFI is possible only in some circumstances and that the USB Download Tool was useless.

So i followed these posts in this order to prepare my USB key for the installation on UEFI:

  1. Installing Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 from USB Stick
  2. Installing Windows 2008 R2 from USB Stick via EFI on Dell PowerEdge servers

Now i was able to boot (pressing F12 an the POST) from UEFI from the USB key and proceed with the installation! I thought yes, it’s done….but….

After the first reboot the screen on my Dell stayed black and was not going further with the installation, i was really thinking that there where some drivers/hardware related problems but after after all i found a post which was saying to set the Fast Boot option in the BIOS (in the POST Behavior section) to Auto or Through, mine was set to Minimal.

After changing that to Auto and rebooting everything went fine and i finished my installation!

Author: Marco Mansi

Focus and dedication to everything that has to do with technology and, most of all, software development and architecture is what describes Marco. Marco is curious and interested in everything that is new and seeks to understand the more quickly the potential and the ability to implement these technologies in the real world. Marco loves open source and thinks that sharing knowledge is the key to make better things.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I know it’s older, but I am setting up a refurbished laptop and ran into the same issue. Setting the Fastboot to “Auto” solved the problem. I guess I should have set the BIOS back to factory defaults before I installed an OS.

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