Run Elasticsearch image on Azure Container Instances

Last week I was moving a Docker application to Azure Container Instances. The application consisted out of 3 containers and one of them was using the official image of Elasticsearch:


Unlucky the container was failing to start, giving the following error:

max virtual memory areas vm.max_map_count [65530] is too low, increase to at least [262144] 

After a quick search, I found this post where someone else was having the same problem.

I did some attempts to give more memory and CPU to the container, but it didn’t solve the problem because it needs changes at the host.

Azure Container Instances (ACI) is a serverless docker hosting environment (not an orchestrator!), I call it Pod as a Service, there’s no way to change or tweak things at host level.


On the Docker Hub there are other elasticsearch images available, and finally I got it working on ACI using:

FROM elasticsearch:5.6.14-alpine

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  1. Thanks, but running an old version of Elasticsearch is not an answer anymore. Do you have new info about this? How can we run Elasticsearch container in Azure as of June 2019?


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